8O8 is a fresh whisky that is unbelievably smooth & incredibly versatile. As a brand it’s at the forefront of modernising the category, both vodka and gin have become fashionable over the past 10 years, now its time for 8O8 lead the whisky revolution.
As a shareholder & consultant, Full Fat’s primary focus is the launch and development of the brands awareness, positioning & credibility within each new market it goes into internationally.
A key component of this is strategising how it penetrates the market, what accounts, distributors and promoters it works with to seed the brand out organically to it’s intended demographic.

Services provided

  • Budgeting (set-up costs, resource & staffing, marketing, logistics, activations)
  • Sales forecasting and volume estimates
  • Generating business, light house accounts, securing listings
  • Managing staff in each country, including sales teams, brand managers & distribution partners