X-Festival is a two-day festival held in Cardiff’s city centre royal park. The event featured international headliners, and saw over 25,000 students attend.

Full Fat’s remit was to oversee the delivery of the entire festival. From top to bottom, Full Fat was the point contact communicating the logistics and plans to all stakeholders (council, emergency services, production, venue, ticketing, security, health & safety).

Full Fat was also responsible for negotiating & contracting all the suppliers on the festival.

Services provided

  • Manage a substantial event budget.
  • Cash flow forecasting / ticket trend analysis
  • Communicating with all stakeholders and suppliers
  • Producing the Event Management Plan for council sign off.
  • Liaising with production on the build and operations of the event.
  • Securing sponsorship for the event with Carlsberg and Phillip Morris.
  • Ultimately being responsible for the delivery and safety of the event.